Temporary fix for broken rear shock.

You are in the middle of nowhere and you are bouncing all over the place because your rear shock has a major seal failure. And no bike shops anywhere in the area so what to do?

Team Mechanic has an answer which minimises the bounce enabling you to continue.

Best if you have some spare tie wraps available, but if not try to find some wire to use instead.

Find a solid stick around 10mm (1/2″) in diameter and cut to lengths around 2″ long.

Rear shock repair
Rear shock repair

Get your colleagues to press down on the bike to open the gap behind the shock as far as possible.

Insert the stick pieces behind the gap and tie these securely to the frame. On release of the downward pressure on the bike you should find that there is only a small bounce once you get cycling again.

Another innovative solution from Team Mechanic.

A later development of the concept by RT on CB’s steed used a rolled up piece of inner tube similarly tie-wrapped into place.

Rear shock repair concept developed further