Follow the link to the calendar covering FGCC activities for the year:

FGCC Calendar 2024

A record of events is maintained on our blog and includes TAMITS (a record of instances for which “There’s a Medal In There Somewhere” – see “Pages” on the blog.


FGCC rides meetings and other events

See the photo gallery for slide shows on various events such as The C2C ride of April 2007, some examples of which are shown below:

1998 Three Cathedrals ride

2002 FGCC – the movie. Jubilee trek & brek at the tank

2007 C2C ride

2007 Presentation of a medal by Mr Roche

2007 Presentation of Llama award to the Gurkha Tandoori

2008 Ride to Rouen (aka Road to ruin ride)

2016 Re-enactment of Battle of Hastings on 450th anniversary



FGCC ride image
Field near Poling

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