FGCC recognised by the music industry. Ferry spotting

FGCC recognised by the Music Industry:

Whilst standing at the luggage carousel at Gatwick North on Monday I
noticed that a lot of the crowd were whispering out of the corner of their mouths to nearby friends and relatives. It transpired that Bryan Ferry and a couple of his cronies had chosen to sidle up and stand next to me.

Whilst the rest of the crowd were whispering to each other: “Hey, that’s Brian Ferry of Roxy Music” I noticed that Bryan Ferry and his pals were also whispering to each other.

I can only conclude that they had caught sight of Ewart’s FGCC luggage labels and were whispering “Hey, look over there – that must be John Roche from the FGCC”

A possible candidate to replace Sir Colin?

BTW, he looks exactly like he does on the telly and indeed was dressed as if he had just stepped out of M & S’ window……

John Roche. 7th August 2007


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