In Memoriam

Remembering the fallen.

It is only right that where gentlemen of the FGCC have experienced a major fall should be marked with an appropriate memorial. The memorial committee meets after such serious falls to determine whether the incident qualifies for a memorial, following which during a special Saturday morning ride the Team Artist will establish the memorial in the club colours and initials of the gentleman involved as well as the year of the occurrence, and this is followed by a recitation of the Ode to the Fallen :-

Requiem post disequilibrium

They shall not grow up….                                                                                              As they that do not cycle grow up….

Jaegermesiter at the Nick Way memorial to Paul (collarbone).
Paul again – Steyning bowl nettles or concrete memorial (gashes to leg and pride at 48mph). 2001


Hills shall not weary them…                                                                                             Nor the mud congeal…….

Bloody Norse corner memorial to Richard (nose) at Downs just above Steyning. 2006
Lost keys memorial to Ewart (loss of memory?) – Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight. 2005

At the going down of the tyre….                                                            And in the mending….

Mark Avery at the Kamikaze memorial
Budd mount – the green chalk slide and a gash in his side



We will remember them.

Philip (I was looking at the trees) Thomas in Steyning bowl
The PT squared memorial to the two PT’s
Philip Thomas (ribs) falls at the same corner as Paul Topley at the bottom of the Steyning Bowl concrete road, which should now be renamed as PT squared corner. 2009