Cranford Chronicles

Why the “CRANFORD” Chronicles? To explain:

Location of the original TM bunker

History has to start somewhere. One of our esteemed members used to reside at a dwelling called CRANFORD that is located within the original catchment area of the club. It was within the workshops sited adjacent to and below these premises (an air raid shelter) that the FGCC had its embryogeny. Here were assembled the original materials for crafting the local church’s Sunday school hut that first brought about the foundation membership of the FGCC: Here was crafted the first medals awarded to the club’s original members for deeds of daring: Here were mended many member’s early (less expensive) machines in preparation for early morning rides.

Alas, history moves us on and today these premises are occupied by others, but what more fitting a tribute can be accorded to a building within the curtillage of the club than to be honoured by having its name associated with the organ used by the FGCC to record its events, campaign for injustices and most importantly, to keep ex-pat members in touch with real events in Findon.


Forget all those other boring web sites giving news of bazaars, coffee
mornings, Findon history etc. These are all gagged by red tape.

THE CRANFORD CHRONICLES tells it how it is!

Real reporting, the way that journalism should be done. No punches pulled –
telling it how it is – no gagging by officialdom – no axe to grind – no party affiliations – no slush funds – no Rupert control.

The Chronicles – aka The Anals.
Visit The FGCC Blog for Melvin Clutterbuck-style reports on rides.  

The Anals:-

  1. Origins of the FGCC
  2. Campaign to return the FGCC domain to it’s rightful owners
  3. Cranford stop press – demise of an ancient landmark.
  4. FGCC recognised by the music industry. Ferry spotting.
  5. Findon cricket club on the balls, and to Lords.
  6. End of the line for iconic Isle of Wight trains

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