How to repair a broken spoke (aka spoke knitting)

So you have a 27.5″ or 29″ wheel unlike all your colleagues in the peleton who are still on 26″ wheels and enjoying the extra speed and comfort provided, when a spoke goes and you have no spare. And of course the only other spares around are 26″. Don’t despair,  our FGCC Team Mechanic has the answer – spoke knitting.

In this example the hub end of the spoke was fine so firstly the rim end was removed.

Spoke knitting

Take any new spoke – a 26″ one will do – and insert it into the rim, put on the nut and apply a couple of turns. Cut the new spoke about 2″ to 3″ beyond where it meets the broken spoke.

Fold the ends over each other and back, twisting round to secure each end, making the

join as tight as possible. Then tighten the spoke nut as per usual to ensure alignment of the wheel.

Spoke knitting
Spoke knitting on29″ wheel

Another successful repair by Team Mechanic, this time on a ride in the Cotswolds enabling us to continue our tour in spite of the absence of bike shops.