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FGCC – for gentlemanly off-road cycling.

The FGCC Outside the Butchers

Outside the Butchers, Findon

FGCC, The Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club, has been a part of the West Sussex community of Findon since 1993. We specialize in keeping ourselves to ourselves, and occasionally venturing out of the county of Sussex to bring an awareness of gentlemanly cycling to foreign parts. Although we all have mountain bikes (MTB) our companionable rides are better described as off-road touring.

View from West Burton - FGCC

View eastwards from West Burton Hill

Our membership can be counted upon to always uphold the standards of the Club. In addition, our friendly and helpful membership are always ready to assist other cyclists in distress, and answer any questions you may have about our company. Whether you need cheering up, a puncture mended, or just an encouraging word, we have what you need at prices you can afford.

Chris on the rocks - FGCC event on the Isle of Wight

Chris on the rocks – P Topley’s IOW coastal path route

At the FGCC, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre, naturally whilst enjoying

Jousting at Pevensey in remembrance 950th anniversary of the battle of Hastings

Jousting at Pevensey in remembrance 950th anniversary of the battle of Hastings

ourselves and forgetting about the stresses of the modern world at the same time.

On the subject of stresses, members have found that the FGCC is an excellent means of dealing with what we refer to as the PLAGUE of stress that arises in different ways, though usually something to do with work, the PLAGUE being an acronym for:

Petty Little Annoying Gits Upsetting Events.

If you are experiencing a stressful situation due to the small mindedness of others, why not join us for a ride to enjoy fresh air, exercise and positive company of the FGCC with plenty of “vox testicularum” (aka talking b*****ks) to put things into perspective.

Browse our website for more information about the FGCC, or follow our blog for a flavour of what we do.

Come and join the FGCC.

If you have any questions, or would like to put a question to a Findon Gentlemen’s Cycling Club representative regarding our activities and aims, please e-mail us at info@thefgcc.org.uk. Or turn up outside the butcher’s in downtown Findon at 08.00am on a Saturday, ready to ride. This is usually followed by a brek at a quality establishment such as Dee Dee’s in the village, the Findon Garden Centre or Shoreham Airport for example. However check the calendar in the events section first as we may be away on an overnight ride. In The FGCC, the gentlemanly off-road riding always comes first.

King's club hut - the origins of the FGCC in Findon

St John the Baptist Church – location of the Kings Club Hut and origins of the FGCC

Llamarama - FGCC eccentricity to the fore

Well alpacaraca isn’t quite the same!


And for some real Alpacas meet OddJob & NikNak

And for some real Alpacas meet OddJob & NikNak (original Push-me Pull-you’s?)








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